Food & DrinkDelectable Dishes at Your Door - What is Saltalk?

Delectable Dishes at Your Door – What is Saltalk?


Food is an immensely powerful way for people to connect with each other. Different dishes can have so much significance in an individual’s life and there is nothing like creating unforgettable memories through the medium of food. Saltalk is a blossoming business born from this idea. Delivering a range of tasty meals right to your door, Saltalk allows their clients to enjoy these moments with ease.

In 2013 Mr and Mrs Ming embarked on a journey, moving to Silicon Valley. While they were enjoying their time there, Mrs Ming soon discovered that she was homesick. On one occasion, Mr and Mrs Ming were dining with friends at a local Chinese restaurant when Mrs Ming burst into tears at the arrival of some delicious stir-fried pork. The connection that Mrs Ming had to this dish was strong as it reminded her of home. Seeing how food affected his wife, Mr Ming had the idea to create a service where people could enjoy the comforting feeling of receiving a home cooked meal.

Saltalk was a name that came to Mr Ming in a dream. Salt is known for being one of the most essential parts of our lives and he had the vision that his company would also be an essential part of people’s lives, providing them with sustenance, flavour and joy. The brand has developed into exactly that, allowing people to easily have access to the foods that bring them joy.

Ordering with Saltalk is simple. The first thing that you need to do is select your delivery time. If you order before 9am, you can have your meal for lunch by 11am-12.30pm. Saltalk can accommodate for both same-day and two-week pre-order deliveries and will work to the schedule that suits you. You can select your ideal cuisine, whatever you are craving, to create the perfect meal for any situation. Once you have done this, simply sit back and wait for your unforgettable home cooked meals to arrive at your door.

Creating memories through the food that you share has never been easier with Saltalk. Whether you are catering for a special occasion or simply want to enjoy some of the best home cooked meals on offer, Saltalk is ideal and is sure to have you coming back for seconds and thirds.

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