Food & DrinkGordon Ramsay: 10 Tips for Aspiring Chefs

Gordon Ramsay: 10 Tips for Aspiring Chefs


Being a Chef is never easy. It requires skills, dedication, passion, and a lot more. Gordon Ramsay is one of the most known chefs around the world and he has some tips for a lot of aspiring chefs out there.

Hard work with Discipline pays off. Gordon Ramsay did not earn his position as a well-known chef in the entire world sitting in the kitchen. He started his business in 1998 and worked his way up.

Focus on your strengths. Gordon may be known as the perfectionist critic of all time; however, he also encourages aspiring chefs to focus on their strengths and enhance them. Lean into your best work, and success will follow.

Get out of your comfort zone. What’s amazing about cooking is how it spreads culture to one another. So, to be good at it spend more time outside your comfort zone and learn new different flavors.

Travel, if possible. There are many spices and flavors out there that you have not tasted yet. So, travel and let your culture and palate explore.

Be self-critical. Become your own best and worst critic. Gordon wants to maintain perfection when it comes to his restaurant. That’s why he regularly hires mystery diners in his restaurants to secretly observe and critic his employees for improvements.

Sometimes simplicity is the answer. Gordon can not stress this enough to every chef that enough is enough. Too many flavors can be distracting and might ruin the aroma and taste of the dish. Sometimes simple tastes better.

It’s never too early to study cooking. According to Gordon, teaching kids how to cook is never a bad idea. They don’t have to cook and chop by themselves, but there are many ways to include your kid in preparing meals.

Know your customers. “Don’t start reaching too far too soon”. If you are planning on opening a restaurant, make sure to explore the market and that you’ll be filling a need in the community.

Honesty. “Working with a chef who lies is worse than working with a chef who can’t cook”. Gordon Ramsay knows the importance of honesty when it comes to cooking. If the customer wants to know what’s in their dish, they deserve to know what’s in it.

Be passionate about what you do. If you want to be a great chef, be passionate about it. Before Gordon become the best chef, he went through ups and downs too, but his passion did not let him down.

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Gordon Ramsay: 10 Tips for Aspiring Chefs

Being a Chef is never easy. It requires skills, dedication, passion, and a lot more. Gordon Ramsay is one...

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