Do the latest GPT-3 tools spell doom for copywriters?

Do the latest GPT-3 tools spell doom for copywriters?


Content writing has become more important as a way for businesses to differentiate themselves online and offer something extra to users. Well-crafted content can help drive traffic and increase mindshare in incredible ways, and more businesses are starting to take notice.

Naturally, increased demand for content means that people are looking at ways to speed up and optimise the content creation process. While articles written by machines are nothing new, the technology has taken another leap with GPT-3’s latest solutions.

The new autoregressive model is now going to be able to create natural-sounding copy that appears as though it was written by a human being. Using 175 billion parameters, GTP-3 has a much larger amount of training data to work with.

It’s an attractive option for a wider, non-technical audience since it can be given plain English instructions, rather than needing code. It’s most functional implementation at this point is to help generate ideas for content campaigns, landing pages, blog posts etc.

There are several online tools that are now leveraging this technology to allows users to generate copy for a variety of material. Becoming simpler to use, it won’t be long before we see these tools become standard practice for content marketing across the board.

So, are these tools spelling the end for copywriters? No, they are not advanced enough to replace skilful writing, but they are great for brainstorming ideas and finding new ways to approach content.

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Do the latest GPT-3 tools spell doom for copywriters?

Content writing has become more important as a way...
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