MarketingWhat is Facebook Ads? and Why advertise on Facebook...

What is Facebook Ads? and Why advertise on Facebook Ads?


Looking for a guide on how to advertise on Facebook Ads with assertive campaigns? Read more and know the step-by-step steps to create your ad online on this social network. 

About 8 million dollars worth of Facebook Ads. This is the amount that more than 1 million companies invest each year in this strategy. Did you find the investment high? Now imagine that companies that advertise on Facebook can have an ROI — Return on Investment — of up to 5x or more on the applied budget, according to experts.

In the first quarter of 2020, Facebook released a survey that reveals that there are currently 3 billion active users on the network (a record, given the first time the platform has this reach). According to Social Media Trends (2019) , Facebook is the main network used by 97.5% of companies in Brazil.

In this scenario, stop and think: advertising on the internet through ADS strategies is to expose your product and/or service to a much larger window than any physical store could achieve.

Just a click away, your business can arrive as a solution for your next customer as he surfs social media and searches for interests related to your business proposition.

Have you ever thought about looking at your sales goals from that perspective?

If the answer is yes, read in the same way, because in the next few lines we’ll cover everything you need to know to create strategic digital campaigns on Facebook Ads.

You’ve probably heard around about the power of the internet for brands, right? Know that using Facebook to create your online ad is one of the most effective actions for promoting social media campaigns.

However, every result comes from understanding the tool to create impactful and well-targeted ads.

Did you like the subject? This mini-guide on how to advertise on Facebook Ads is for you. Enjoy!

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s paid advertising platform. Through the tool, companies are able to create a variety of online ad formats — from static ads to videos or ad proposals in storie format for Instagram Ads, as well as Facebook and messenger, for example.

In practice, this feature allows ads to be created and managed within the Facebook ad manager itself, in addition to the varied formats, it also has a series of mechanisms that bring many targeting possibilities for those who want to advertise online, such as:

  • Location;
  • Interests;
  • Genre;
  • Age;
  • Relationship status, among others.

Important: Facebook Ads Manager is a platform that allows you to create ads on platforms other than Facebook. They are: Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network and WhatsApp.

In other words, the more detailed your strategic planning, the greater the chances of having an assertive impact on the customer. 

Imagine the following situation: WhatsApp is the communication channel most sought after by your company’s customers when answering questions or buying. So, building an ad where people can click the button to send a message to that channel is something that can get more results. Do you agree?

Regardless of the campaign, when creating an online ad on Facebook Ads, it is essential that you explore the channels most used by the audience that your campaign wants to reach.

Therefore, defining the campaign objectives and thinking about different ads considering the moment of purchase of your ideal customer and other related factors is essential.

Now that you know a little more about the purpose of the platform, it’s time to understand how to advertise on Facebook Ads. Let’s go together?!

Why advertise on Facebook Ads?

You’ve probably been impacted by a creative ad passing through the feed and when you realized you were filling out a registration or checking out products from an online store. Did we get it right?

In Facebook’s ad library feature, you can find various inspirations to create your online ad. 

Surveys indicate that over 70% of people have already purchased a product and/or service because of online ads. In addition, we’ve listed several reasons for you to invest in Facebook Ads and consider this strategy to sell more or reach potential consumers for your brand. Check out:

  • Data from Facebook itself reveal that there are 3 billion people active on the social network every month. That is, the chance of finding someone interested in what you sell or offer is very high;
  • You can create custom ads based on your business goals and available budget;
  • Without a doubt, your brand will gain more visibility;
  • More people can interact with your page;
  • Your business’ revenues can increase with the internet.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that in this moment of social isolation, people are still surfing the internet, and in fact even more than before.

Online shopping interests have also grown a lot as a result. Therefore, learning about how to advertise on Facebook Ads is to open up a range for your business and expand your sales possibilities regardless of location.

Just as Google Ads work as a showcase for the world through different targeting and formats and make a particular company much more sought after, social media ads also fulfil this role.

Like the idea? So let’s start playing with practical tips for you to advertise on Facebook Ads!

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