MarketingHow to use WhatsApp in digital marketing strategies?

How to use WhatsApp in digital marketing strategies?


You already know how to create a WhatsApp Business account and you already understand what you can do cool with the tool. Now it’s just success, right? Wrong!

As with any other communication channel, WhatsApp Business will be more effective with a good digital marketing strategy.

The first step in developing good strategies is to know the profile of the personas in your business very well and have a communication manual with a tone of voice aligned with that persona, as well as really understanding the needs of each customer.

We’ve listed some inspiring actions to help you use WhatsApp in digital marketing strategies. Check out!

1. Don’t put the customer into groups if he doesn’t want to

Nobody likes to receive content and advertisements without permission. Even worse, it’s being added to a random group without a clear objective.

Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes: Would you like to wake up every day to receive offers, good morning, GIFs and other content that has been sent to multiple people without a personalized message? Run away from this strategy and avoid your company being perceived in a negative way.

Tip: Use WhatsApp tags to target your customers and create broadcast lists with personalized content. The WhatsApp Business allows you to create lists and send to 256 contacts individually.

Invest in relevant content that can actually add to your audience. In this way, your brand’s communication will be perceived differently.

2. Invest in humanized care

The chatbots are high on communication strategies and can provide many benefits for your brand. But if you have a team dedicated to taking care of your customers through WhatsApp Business, invest in humanized communication. Below are some important points to help you implement this strategy:

  • Understand the customer’s pain and deliver a solution from it;
  • Show empathy for the customer’s problem;
  • Listen to the customer and gather all the information needed to bring an effective response;
  • Don’t keep your customer waiting too long. You may not have an immediate solution, but informing them of the process and reassuring them is something that should be done from the first contact.

By following these tips, your customer will be much more satisfied and the tendency is for him to be loyal. No wonder the customer experience area is growing. Providing a good customer experience, integrating value offer, service quality and customer service is for sure success.

The PWC   held research named “Experience is everything: find out what really matters to your customer.”   An interesting conclusion of the study is that people who are well served feel they are heard and valued by a company. Soon, they become more loyal customers.

The same study reveals that 89% of Brazilians decide to purchase based on their experiences and almost 40% of customers would agree to pay more for a product or service with the guarantee of a welcoming service.

How about applying this learning in your WhatsApp Business service strategy? Here’s the tip!

3. Explore WhatsApp visuals

In addition to WhatsApp Business offering a product catalogue for you to set up your virtual shop window, it is interesting that you use other features of the tool to publicize your actions and generate engagement.

WhatsApp status works like Instagram and Facebook stories.

You can generate content for this channel and spread the news of the moment, for example, or promote an impactful action with a CTA that directs the person to your website or to a conversion landing page.

It is also valid to create interactive content for this channel and share it with your customers. All from good strategic planning, of course.

Audio and video resources can also be exploited to facilitate communication and care in a more practical way.

4. Integrate your WhatsApp with other platforms

How to use WhatsApp in digital marketing strategies without integrating it with other platforms?

You have a website for your company, create a WhatsApp button for people to contact you there.

Is your company on Instagram? Make the WhatsApp channel available in the bio. Do you already invest in sponsored campaigns on Instagram and Facebook Ads? Try using WhatsApp as a CTA.

It makes no sense to create a business account on WhatsApp and learn how to create a product catalogue on WhatsApp Business if your customers do not know that you make this channel available to Customer Service.

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