MarketingA step-by-step guide to advertising on Facebook

A step-by-step guide to advertising on Facebook


Before creating your own online ad on Facebook Ads you need to know some basic requirements to use the ad manager. We made a checklist to help you. Check out:

  • Create an account in the business manager through Facebook Business;
  • Create and configure your Facebook page;
  • Create a business account on Instagram and link on Facebook;
  • Set up your ad account with information such as payment method, page-to-account link, budget, etc;
  • Plan the campaign with objectives, formats, budget estimates and strategic planning.

Extra tip: to measure campaign performance assertively, remember to create and configure one (or more) Facebook pixel. A pixel is an analysis tool that serves to measure the effectiveness of your online ad.

A lot of information at the same time, right?

Rest assured, we are going to detail each topic so that you really have an immersion in this universe of Facebook Ads.

Before creating the ads, it is important to follow a few steps. Let’s start with them!

1. Create an account in the Business Manager

The first step in creating online ads is to create an account in Business Manager.

You’ve probably seen the “boost” button in some post, right? Do not fool yourself. Hitting the button doesn’t mean you’re creating a specific campaign for Facebook Ads.

On the contrary, boosting without a defined strategy can burn funds, limit the reach of publications, compromise the ad’s segmentation and, consequently, the objective of the sponsored action.

By creating the Business Manager, you can monitor ads created, analyze metrics, check paid media results, and extract reports to improve Facebook advertising strategies for your business.

To create an account in Business Manager, you need to:

  • Have an active profile on social media (with at least 3 months of use and publications)
  • Access;
  • Click on the “create account” field;
  • Fill in your company data, with name and corporate address;
  • Confirm the registration details and send the data.

Among the main advantages of the functionality, separating personal accounts from your corporate page is a huge advantage.

After all, how to create an ad on Facebook Ads without having a panel that separates and details all the information related to your company? Impossible right!

2. Create your fan page

There is no way to advertise on Facebook Ads without having a fan page (your company’s Facebook page).

Basically, this page is at the heart of any brand’s strategy not only to advertise online through Facebook Ads but also to work with connecting content, interact with people who relate to the brand and connect people and brands.

There is more than one way to create a fan page. We will highlight here the step-by-step creation of your fan page using the Business Manager — a more practical and safe way because it avoids page linking problems and other problems with the business manager.

Step 1: Access the Business Manager

Step 2: In the left corner of the screen, click on the “pages” tab. Then click on “create a new page”.


Step 3: Choose a category related to your company or organization’s proposal. Attention: think carefully when making your choice, after all, the category can have a great impact on the sponsored ads of your business.


Step 3: Choose a name for your page and customize it according to your strategic goals.


Important: A Facebook page is different from a personal profile.

Since one of the goals of the corporate page is to create ADS-sponsored campaigns, you need to populate your page with relevant information about your business.

Just like any other marketing channel for your brand, a fan page must have relevant information and strategies according to the profile of the followers with which the company intends to relate.

In other words: the name of the page, the description of the services, the telephone information, address, hours, the personalization of automatic messages (if you choose this to manage the online service), the logo, the cover and other relevant points must be planned with strategies.

A fan page offers many advantages for creating ads and for brand positioning on social networks and can be a field for you to access information such as reports, audience profile, page performance, tracking competitor profiles, among others.

Did you check all these relevant points to create your page and decide to invest in sponsored ads? Bingo! Now it’s time to create a Business Manager and use Business Manager to manage your page along with your ad account more efficiently and centrally.

3. Business Manager

Now that you know what a Business Manager is and how important a fan page is to define and create an ad strategy on a corporate page, let’s talk about the first steps in Facebook Ads.

The Business Manager is another tool created by Facebook which in practice allows you to manage your business pages as well as your ad accounts (maximum 3) and other features such as pixel Facebook, catalogues, among others.

For marketing agencies or companies that operate in more than one segment or profile, the tool is a real hand on the wheel when creating the online advertisement, as it is practical and facilitates the visualization of information in one place.

Pay attention and calm when creating your account: you need to fill in information such as the currency of payment of the advertisement account and the time zone of your business location.

This information cannot be changed later and this can impact the entire creation of a campaign. So select your country of origin and use the features of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads with more peace of mind in the future.

Is everything quiet so far? We hope so. There is a lot of information, but we guarantee that all of them will be very useful when advertising on the internet through social networks.

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