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Step by step to advertise on the internet with Google


To enjoy 100% of the advantages of advertising on Google Ads, it is very important to make a checklist with all the steps of creating your online ad. Basically, they are:

  • Create an ad account on Google Ads;
  • Select the most strategic terms and keywords according to the company;
  • Define your campaign goals;
  • Do a search for strategic sites on the research network;
  • Choose your ad format;
  • Research current trends related to your product or service;
  • Plan the budget;
  • Configure the campaign for the desired platform;
  • Do the proper segmentation;
  • Measure your data as performance and return on investment (ROI).

That’s a lot of information on how to advertise on Google Ads, isn’t it? Calm! We will explain the main steps of how to create your ad with practical examples to make your life easier.

1. Create your Google Ads ad account

The first step in creating an online ad is to have a Google Ads account. You need to open the tool’s official website and register using the “start now” button on the right side. Next, a screen will appear and you will need to confirm your best Google email to link to your Google Ads account.

2. Search for the most strategic terms for your ad

Before setting up a complete campaign, how about using the Google Ads keyword research tool to find out what people are looking for about your product or service on the internet?

In addition to building a much more targeted strategy, choosing the right terms and keywords that are related to your business goals is something that can impact your campaign spend and results, without a doubt.

Let’s go to a practical example? 

Imagine your goal is to create an ad about a Google Ads course. To know the volume of monthly searches for this term, it is important to click on “discover new keywords” in the tool manager.


In the image above, the search has already been done with strategic words, as there is an objective and initial subject. After all, how do you know if the Google Ads term course is best for your campaign? By clicking on “see results”, you will have the display of another dashboard with a more detailed analysis.

Look closely at the red and orange griffins. In addition to the volume of monthly searches for search words, Google Ads also provides information about the competition for that word to advertise online and the possible costs.

In the box labelled how to broaden your search on the left, Google itself selects keyword ideas from the initial search. As the campaign is defined, the dashboard will become more complete and you will have access to other estimates and metrics.

How do I find the best keywords and search terms if I have no idea how to advertise on Google Ads and how people can search for my product and service?

Identified with the above question? Know that it is possible to do your search for terms from a reference site or from your competition. We made an example with the home page address of the Nerdweb site. Look at the result:

3. Define your campaign goals

There is no way to create an ad online without having a goal. What do you want to achieve for your business with Google Ads? Possibilities are:

  • More clicks on the website;
  • Increase the number of sales;
  • Receive more calls;
  • Impact people with a remarketing action;
  • Generate qualified leads among others.

If your company has a clear goal, such as: to increase sales by 30% in the next six months, the targeting of the campaign gets another look.

From the well-defined objectives, the definition of the ideal budget to invest online, the analysis of the cost of words and daily costs is much more complete, as well as the ad format itself.

Below are some possibilities to advertise on the internet through Google.

4. Make a proper segmentation

It’s no use creating a wonderful ad, with attractive text and a charming format. You need to target this ad according to the interests and profile of the customer you want to impact.

These are information that are part of the configuration of a campaign and that you should include in the initial planning of the action:

  • Location;
  • Language;
  • Devices of preference (smartphone, computer, etc.);
  • Age of audience you want to impact;
  • Ad display location (search engines, personal blogs, commercial sites);
  • Keywords, search terms, and user browsing history.

In summary: Google Ads is a universe of possibilities and the more you know about the profile of the audience that will be impacted, the more chances of getting good results, in practice!

5. Choose ad format

How do you imagine your ad showing? Advertising on the internet is always a challenge and tests can be very useful in this regard.

On Google Ads, ads can appear above the top three organic positions, but there are other interesting formats like:

  • Display network;
  • Video;
  • Research network;
  • Discovery;
  • Shopping among others.

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