MarketingHow to retain customers in my e-Commerce?

How to retain customers in my e-Commerce?


As everything has a beginning, let’s learn how to retain customers in e-commerce? See the tips below!

1. Offer excellent service

Your product might be great, your e-commerce easy and simple to navigate, and you might even offer free shipping. The perfect combo to build customer loyalty, isn’t it?

Before agreeing, reflect: how is your customer serviced today? A bad customer service experience can ruin your customer’s chances of repurchasing from your e-commerce.

No wonder that thinking about Customer Experience or CX is no longer a trend to be a necessity today. About 82% of people have already stopped buying from a company due to dissatisfaction with the service provided by the sales or after-sales team.

To avoid getting into these statistics, check out our checklist of actions that can improve your strategy:

  • Offer humanized care. People like to talk to people;
  • Make constant training with your team. Whoever offers e-commerce support needs to understand the entire process to effectively answer questions;
  • Have a team on hand to talk with the customer. Agility is a necessity among people who shop online.

Remember: your customer will not visit the physical store. Therefore, building a good relationship with them through SAC in e-commerce or on social networks that can and should be used for the brand’s relationship with the consumer is the minimum to gain consumer loyalty.

Nobody likes to be ignored, not getting answers in time or not being able to solve a problem during an online purchase, right? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and reflect!

2. Invest in after-sales

The relationship with the person who makes the purchase in your e-commerce must not end after sending the tracking code. It is necessary to cultivate the person so that they want to continue buying from you and realize that your brand has a differential.

Investing in after-sales service is as or more important than customer service in the first step.

To make it more obvious, think about the following situation: let’s say you have e-commerce that specializes in women’s clothing. Whoever buys the clothes won’t be able to try them on before, obviously.

Therefore, in addition to providing consistent information to customers, such as a measurement table and other details of the parts, it is important to have a team that contacts the customer after delivery to find out if everything went right or if it is necessary to make any adjustments and /or exchange.

After-sales service shows that you really care about offering support to the customer and is also a very important point to measure the level of satisfaction of those who consume your brand and implement improvements when necessary.

3. Create an advantage program

Big brands invest in loyalty programs.

Credit card companies and banks are champions in loyalty programs that encourage the accumulation of points that can turn into rewards such as travel miles, redeeming points for specific rewards or redeeming cash.

With good research into your business personas and interests, you can consider this strategy. After all, people love the feeling of exclusivity. Who doesn’t like to receive exclusive pampering and benefits?

Undoubtedly, this type of action works as a great attraction to retain customers in e-commerce. We are sure they will feel VIP!

Important: study the audience, understand what are the interesting advantages for your audience profile and analyze the results to validate the program’s effectiveness.

4. Offer personalized gifts

If you’re from the 1990s or have someone in your family who loved collecting tazos, you probably remember a brand that rocked by offering personalized gifts when buying a product, right?


Elma Chips is a success story from that time. With the sale of cups from the Looney Tunes collection in savoury snacks, the brand created a fever and had an increase of approximately 100% in sales (according to the Folha de São Paulo newspaper ) , by delivering cups of famous cartoon characters like Piu-Piu and Frajola.

You might be wondering what this trip in the time tunnel has to do with your e-commerce customer loyalty plan, right? The love of freebies!

People love to get freebies when they make a purchase and you can explore the potential of your brand, your product and understand your customers’ tastes to give them a personalized gift.

Why will a person fill in a form with their e-mail and personal data in their e-commerce? Obviously, this type of action is only performed when there is an advantage. If you are lucky enough to have a registered customer base in your e-commerce, try creating specific relationship actions and gifts for them.

On the birthday of a person who always buys from your store, you can send an exclusive gift or a special offer. What about? Worth testing!

5. Create personalized promotions for those who are already a customer

Through tools and plugins, it is possible to understand the browsing history of people in your online store. Have you thought about using the most strategic data to create customized promotions for those who have already completed a purchase on your website? Start thinking about it!

Naturally, promotions increase the chances of purchase and when they are personalized based on the preferences of those who browsed your e-commerce, this action will certainly not go unnoticed.

Know who buys from you and that way, you will be more successful in pleasing that person and building a relationship with them.

A very interesting tip in this context is to use an email marketing tool to create personalized content and exclusive offers for those who are interested in the items sold in your e-commerce.

Creating discount coupons for the first purchase on the website or for those who frequently arrive at your website checkout is a way to strengthen ties and show that that person is special to you.

6. Careful delivery

When making a virtual purchase, customers cannot smell, touch and feel your product. Use this to surprise delivery of the goods.

Personalized packaging, handwritten note, a distinctive aroma in the product box and a gift are simple actions, but they make all the difference and will make the consumer feel special and want to share this moment on social networks, even.

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