Food & DrinkWhy You Should Get Kids Involved with Cooking

Why You Should Get Kids Involved with Cooking


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As a family, cooking together can be a fun activity that is also a learning experience for kids. Not only will you get to spend time together as a family, but you will also get to teach kids valuable lessons about food and about kitchen safety.

Particularly for kids who are fussy eaters, cooking will allow them to explore new flavours and make their own decisions about what they do and don’t like. This will give them a healthier relationship with food and will gently encourage them to be braver in exploring new foods. Before you cook, explain to your children the ingredients that will be used and allow them to try them on their own and once they are combined. They will become excited about flavours that they enjoy and this can help you create new and delicious dishes that the whole family can eat.

While tasting food is one of the best parts of cooking, it is also important for kids to be aware of the methods that are used in cooking and how to be safe when doing these. Cooking involves several dangerous factors, for example, sharp knives and hot stoves. Actively teaching kids safe practices when engaging with these factors will reduce the likelihood that they “experiment” with them on their own and end up getting hurt. Allowing them to help out, while supervising them carefully of course, will build their trust and let them try new things in a controlled and safe environment.

Kids are naturally curious and often also naturally food-driven! Utilising this curiosity to give them a learning experience in the kitchen is a great way to bond as a family. Kids who learn about cooking will know more about being safe in the kitchen and will develop a great relationship with food. This is why you should get kids involved with cooking as much as you can.

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