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Step by step to successfully create a live on Youtube


Creating a successful live on Youtube is a consumer dream for brands, especially when this trend is on the rise.

Live on Youtube. Live on Instagram. Live on Facebook. Today, more than ever, the internet has discovered the power of live broadcasts, whether to generate engagement with a certain audience, bring business opportunities or simply offer entertainment.

Estimates from technology startups and experts in the field reveal that almost 80% of internet traffic is made by videos. Statistically speaking, 1 billion videos are watched every day.

In this context, creating and inserting a live on youtube with the right strategies can be something very interesting to impact the audience, generate engagement, awaken connections with your brand and propose an attractive and suitable video format is important.

It is certain that the lives of singers and artists are predominant at the moment and, it seems, this format will continue to be promising. A survey released by Mind Miners reveals that 76% of the 500 participants will continue to follow live on youtube and social networks even after the pandemic.

  1. Define the purpose of live on Youtube

Such a person is live now. Company x marked a live on Youtube.

If you’re receiving notifications like these with a certain frequency and you can’t keep up with everything or don’t always think that all the lives are relevant, be aware that this reflection also works for your company.

Before creating a live on Youtube, it is necessary to define the purpose of this strategy. How will live add value to the life of your business persona?

A live that aims to generate entertainment? Recruit more subscribers on the channel? Launch a new thing? Offer exclusive content?

Creating a live on Youtube without clear goals may require a commitment that could be dedicated to other alternatives. Reflects.

To be clearer, how about analyzing a recent case of live on Youtube that generated success?

In April 2020, an NGO organized the biggest live in the world, called “One World: Together Air Home”. In Portuguese “One World: Together at Home”. From Lady Gaga to the Rolling Stones, the event ran for eight hours and raised $127,9 million for the WHO for the purpose of combating Covid-19.

  1. Analyze the best time before announcing the live on Youtube

As this is a 100% online event, engaging the audience is quite a challenge. Therefore, before announcing a live on Youtube, study the behaviour of your audience.

Don’t choose a random time. Set the times that best fit into the routine of whoever you are who you want to reach.

The most strategic times may vary according to factors such as:

  • Market niche;
  • The routine of the persona;
  • Profile and age group of the public.
  1. Think about the quality of live content

Relevant and quality content is the minimum for any marketing strategy and this should be no different when the goal is to create your live on Youtube.


Offer something relevant to your audience. Before even creating a script and imagining each step of the creation of the live on youtube, it is important to reflect if the proposed content would fit in other channels or if it is something new for this format.

In the words of Nikki Garvey, head of YouTube experiences, you need to take stock of content.

  1. Take care of the technical quality of live on Youtube

You can have an amazing script, well-defined goals and excellent content to create your live on Youtube. But transmitting this to the public over the internet requires a concern with the quality of the video and the network connection so that nothing is lost.

In addition to the possibility of live transmission (mobile phone and webcam), it is possible to record the video and use the “YouTube Premieres” feature to launch your content. In the second case, the platform does not support 360 degree/VR180 videos or with quality higher than 1080p.

To send the material, just go to the page and attach the video. Afterwards, you will have the option to program the date and time of the transmission. Viewers of your channel will receive notifications 30 minutes before the airing.

It is important to pay attention to other details in video production such as:

  • Image framing;
  • Sharpness and recording quality;
  • Recording scenario;
  • Quality of the script and editing, if the live on Youtube is recorded.

If you need to edit the video, Adobe Premiere is classic software. But there are also apps for editing on mobile like iMovie (iOS) or In Shot (Android).

Remember to customize the video not only aesthetically, but also in relation to the format itself, editing the subtitles and title with SEO techniques for Youtube, in addition to a language that generates a connection with those who will watch it.

  1. Share your live on social networks

In addition to promoting interaction with subscribers on your Youtube channel, whether during live with chat features or open dialogue and recording teasers and calls before the big day, use social media to leverage engagement.

It’s worth betting on Instagram stories, art for social media, personalized messages on WhatsApp, email marketing and call recording throughout the week.

It all depends on your niche, the audience, the channel used by your company persona and the viability. Partnerships that relate to your persona profile are also very suitable to generate greater reach.

Now that you know a little more about how to create and upload a live on Youtube, how about putting the planning into practice?

Making a live can be quite a challenge and that’s why, if you can count on marketing experts, your only concern will be to contribute with the content and analyze the actions that are more viable and interesting for your brand

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