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4 2021 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch


Want to stay on top of digital marketing trends in 2021? Read more and find out how to adapt the best strategies to your business!

What are the digital marketing trends for 2021? After a year as unusual and different as 2020, many experts must be wondering what to expect and how to work efficiently on the internet.

Undoubtedly, this was the year that brought a very accelerated digital transformation, countless lessons learned and many questions. There are even researchers who believe that we live ten years in just one with this whole scenario of digital transformation.

After all, what has changed? How much do we need to adapt our communication strategies? What is it to be relevant in Covid-19 times? Would digital marketing be the great saviour of companies that, faced with closed physical stores, needed to reinvent themselves to survive?

To answer these questions, we separate the main trends listed by Dave Chaffey, digital strategist and director of the Smart Insights platform. Keep reading and learn more!

First of all, what are digital marketing trends?

There is no single definition for the term trends, but according to the Michaelis dictionary, in Portuguese, the trend is a natural and instinctive disposition. Online dictionaries go further: “disposition that causes something or someone to move towards another thing or person”.

In digital marketing, terms such as transformation, change, innovation and other internet resources or even Artificial Intelligence (AI) — remember chatbots and other technological inventions that are part of your daily life? — are very common, but the global pandemic + social isolation combo changed everything, interrupting planning and making digital marketers think and think even more about what’s to come.

Now yes. Let’s talk about the 8 digital marketing trends of 2021 to keep an eye on. Read the topics below and don’t miss a thing!

1. Monitoring of organic research

“Okay, Google”. What will we do now with so many changes? Think for a moment. With so many people connected, Google searches were intense and therefore organic searches that were already a trend became even more in evidence. After all, the biggest search engine in the world is also constantly changing.

According to an official statement from the company, Google launches every day, at least one or more changes in order to provide better results for users gradually.

Recently, some case studies were carried out to analyze aspects such as:

  • Content quality;
  • Timelessness and perpetuity of contents;
  • Authority, expertise and confidence in published information.

What’s the lesson anyway? SEO will remain in the spotlight, but to succeed in organic search it is important that content producers stay aware of changes and updates to the search quality guidelines that are set by Google based on real experience and many other (over 200+ ) factors.

2. Voice search continues on high

Do you know how to do search-oriented SEO by voice? A tip: keep learning about this, because, it seems, it is a trend that will continue to rise, although the impacts are not as transformative for all sectors.

It is clear that the search by voice is an innovation, however, according to specialists, the impact is limited for some reasons such as the use of a spoken command that retrieves the research information (and it may present differences), among others.

Furthermore, if you want to use this strategy, remember:

  • If the user speaks instead of typing, the data is collected by Google Search Console, ie SEO is normal;
  • If the user chooses to receive a spoken response (Alexa is an example), searches are not registered in Google Search and, therefore, have little relationship with search engine optimization.

How to use this in favour of your brand, after all? Understand consumer behaviour. Understand search behaviour. The relationship of keywords to good optimization practices and the importance of relevant content!

3. Understand the changes in social media

In digital marketing, social networks are platforms impacted by changes quickly and immediately. 2020 was the year of Instagram’s Tik Tok and Reels video content creators!

According to a report released by Share, Tik Tokers are in full swing and successful content creators demonstrate essential skills: connecting with people.

In Chaffey’s words, “During the pandemic, the use of social media increased, naturally, changing the relative importance of social media as a method of generating awareness. That’s what you read. After all, who said that relevant content cannot be generated on networks? According to a survey by the Global, Web Index, the use of Tik Tok grew by more than 185% in Latin America from 2019 to 2020.

For 2021, the expectation is that the platform will be remodelled, maintaining the essence of publishing stories, but also associating content with digital marketing trends for new strategies for buying and consuming content.

To take on the Tik Tok phenomenon, Instagram has launched Reels, a short-form video content platform that allows for the montage of scenes, recording, effects, music and more and is increasingly being exploited by commercial accounts on the network.

4. Video innovations, interaction design and more!

It is not new that the production of video content is in the ranking of digital marketing trends and, this year, the consumption of video and audio content was even more significant on digital platforms. 

Surveys like the company Cisco, have already revealed the production of video content as one of the great trends in digital marketing long before. For 2020, the forecast was that 82% of all internet traffic would be moved exclusively by videos.

According to digital strategist Dave, producing interactive videos with a focus on good user experiences is one of the 2021 digital marketing trends that is at the top of the hottest. Likewise, the interaction design also continues full steam ahead for 2021.

For him, the most important interactive design techniques for marketers are:

  • Micro-interactions: far beyond static clicks and links;
  • Animated illustrations, which are sent by email as well;
  • 3D graphics for mobile and desktop;
  • Augmented virtual reality;
  • Asymmetric layouts: The real thing is to create responsive layouts with a focus on UX;
  • Storytelling: Storytelling with graphic, visual and video elements is essential.

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