TechnologyWhat is a podcast?

What is a podcast?


The podcast is a medium that is revolutionizing digital marketing and recovering the proximity that vehicles such as radio bring to the listener, with a more accessible, friendly and, depending on the case, fun language.

Essentially, this medium consists of a series of audio-recorded episodes, published on the internet and generally made available offline. The hallmark of a podcast is the presence of a presenter (also known as a host), regardless of topic.

Before the podcast took on this familiar clothing today, it is worth remembering that since the 1980s, Radio Computing Services already existed in the United States, which was connected to music software and dialogues that were reproduced on radio stations. Time passed, the recorder came, the MP3 arrived, and in 2001, Apulian Technologies launched a computer audio recorder.

Currently, smartphones already have tools and platforms such as Spotify, which are a fertile way to spread the podcast. Want to learn how to record a podcast and edit it? See below!

How to record a podcast?

This question is common among those who are starting to think about this type of content and can also help organizations that already produce these programs to improve their practices!


The first step before thinking about techniques is to figure out what content you want to offer people. Why would it be a cool podcast theme? How to dialogue with the public? What is the ideal language? How would this add value?

Once that’s done, know that there are several ways to record a podcast and it is extremely important to define some factors before starting your project. Are they:

  • Podcast Objectives;
  • Audience goals and expectations;
  • Podcast persona (or brand, content, company);
  • duration and frequency of episodes;
  • Program name and identity;
  • Dissemination channels;
  • Agendas and scripts;
  • Tracks, vignettes and elements that will compose the edition;
  • Microphone type;
  • Recording location.

Sounds like a lot, right? Fortunately, there are tools that can help you not create and know how to edit a podcast. We will highlight four in this content.

  1. SoundCloud

Classic, Soundcloud is an application to record audio and share your podcast with millions of active users in over 190 countries.

The highlight of this tool is that it has an independent character and helps to boost content creators, artists and the community that likes this format.

It is a platform that allows users to upload up to three hours of audio for free.

  1. Audacity

The Audacity is a great free program not only to record a podcast as well as to edit the material.

It is possible to export audio in different formats and this software is compatible with the following systems: Windows, Mac and Linux, in addition to online and portable versions. Basically, Audacity has the following features:

  • Integration with recording microphone;
  • Editing tools;
  • Features for making cuts and mixes;
  • Features to increase/decrease audio speed;
  • Possibility to change tones;
  • Audio export in formats like Mp3, Wav and others.

It’s a very intuitive program for anyone who wants to learn how to record a podcast.

  1. Adobe Audition

The adobe package could not be left out of the recommendations on how to record and edit a podcast. The Adobe Audition is considered one of the best software and allows a person to create, save and edit the podcast itself.

It is a complete program and compatible with Windows and Mac systems. There is a free trial version that can be used for seven days. After the test, the user needs to buy the software license and in the annual plan, the subscription fee is R$90/month.

  1. Buzz sprout

This online tool is also super complete. You can record, edit and upload your podcast. It is possible to record up to two hours and hosting the material is free for a period of three months.

The cool thing about buzz sprout is that this feature helps you list your material across streaming platforms and provides metrics that help you analyze how engagement is doing.

It is also possible to transfer your old podcasts to the platform and customize the presentation. Too much, right?

  1. MP3 Skype Recorder

Have you ever thought about adding value to the content of your podcast with a special guest, but there is no possibility of making an in-person recording? The MP3 Skype Recorder is a solution that records conversations conducted by Skype in MP3 format.

In other words, you can use the tool to extract sounds that will compose your podcast. Cool, isn’t it? Best of all, you don’t have to pay anything and you can even set the audio quality before recording!

Did you like the tools?

Now it’s time to get the plans off the paper! Sometimes you might even have a podcast project in the drawer and your brand has something relevant to share with people and strengthen authority in the market in a different way.

With the tips raised in this content, you can record and edit a quality podcast, without noise, without amateurism and still be recognized by the body of work in this production.

Choose the best tool to record and edit your podcast and get to work. Or rather, hands, imagination to create the script and voice to voice your content!

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