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Ron Sharon On The Importance Of Unorthodox Approaches To Cybersecurity


Ron Sharon
Ron Sharon

For cybersecurity expert Ron Sharon, the traditional approach to anything is a little dry, predictable, and commonplace – the world of cybersecurity favors the bold and outward thinkers more than any other industry.

This is for a number of reasons, predominantly it comes down to the fact that the world of online and digital security is changing so rapidly, that any particular rigidity in approach is typically met with disappointment. The manner in which modern day cybersecurity experts are able to successfully navigate the ever-changing terrain is simple, adaptation, and improvisation.

Previously In The Industry

Cybersecurity has not always been at the forefront of importance for many companies. Until recently it was considered an additional charge or an optional allotment of resources much to the chagrin of Ron Sharon and cybersecurity experts around the globe.

The lack of delegation saw some companies crumble under the weight of cyber breaches and attacks on data, showcasing the unfortunate truth, cybersecurity is simply not optional.

The Ron Sharon Approach

Ron Sharon has always been passionate about computers and how they work, especially in the realm of networking and data. Developing a knack and understanding of computing from an early age, the young cybersecurity expert was gob smacked from an early age at the lack of protocol and attention being paid to cybersecurity efforts. He sought to change the perceptions of the industry from the inside out – which worked monumentally.

The Utility Of Throwing Out The Box

When we say throwing out the box, it’s more a conceptual term than destroying any boxes. It’s the notion of thinking in the future as much as the present. The Ron Sharon approach necessitates a forward-thinking format. He gives the example of working for a company that has 300 employees, his recommendations and implementation strategies are reflective of a company that has 1000 employees.

This is not simply to make the company work harder, but to train them in considering the notion of bolstering their security in a grander scale of consideration. This sort of approach is not even in the typical box of cybersecurity, but it is one that makes Ron Sharon, the cybersecurity expert to watch.

You can follow up with Ron Sharon at or connect via LinkedIn @ron-sharon and follow on Twitter @RealRonSharon

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