BusinessThe importance of having a virtual phone number within...

The importance of having a virtual phone number within your business operation


A virtual phone number is a professional feature which should be utilized consistently throughout your business operation. There are many reasons that arise related to the importance of a virtual phone number, namely those to do with professionalism, communication, sharing of data and information, conference calling and much more. Often, many businesses suffer from lack of communication between departments, and this can lead to a variety of different issues.

These issues can wreak havoc amongst a business, as no communication between departments can open a path to poor decision making processes. Streamlining a business operation is a priority for corporations across the entire business world, and the use of a virtual phone system is quintessential to the streamlining of processes and efficient and effective operation.

A virtual phone number can bring many benefits to a business which makes it a necessity, regardless of what industry or sector they are in. If you are business owner and are looking into the possibility of using a virtual phone system for your own operation, then look no further.

Here is the importance of having a virtual phone number within your business operation.

You can work from anywhere

A virtual phone system allows employees to work from just about anywhere. All you require is a laptop or similar smart device, and an Internet connection. Many companies require their employees to be mobile and flexible, whether that be to visit clients in other locations or maybe they need to work from home. Regardless, a virtual phone number can be used to access contacts, make and receive calls and all other features from anywhere they are. Call redirection services allow you to take important calls, and there is no delay when people are trying to contact you. Furthermore, if you miss a call, the virtual phone system will redirect to your message bank or email, ensuring you are notified of the call. You will essentially be accessible anywhere at any time and will be aware of any missed calls, thereby staying connected at any given time.


Using a virtual phone system ensures that your business is scalable. Scalability is everything for a new business especially, as if it is successful, it will typically experience a surge in growth initially before slowing down. This surge in growth means the business needs to scale over time accordingly, and the best way to do this is by using a virtual phone system. You are able to register new numbers with a virtual phone system consistently over time and upgrade the infrastructure accordingly. This is easier done digitally than when using traditional hardware and will cost significantly less as well. Companies will usually offer plans which range in pricing and size, and as your business grows you can upgrade plans to allow for further room. Upgraded plans usually involve increased functionality, which can be useful for businesses which are growing as the operation becomes more and more complex. Efficiency is the cornerstone of any streamlined business operation, and a virtual phone system is the way to go for this.

Offer 24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support is every business’s dream. While this isn’t functionally viable, having a virtual phone number means that you can set up call forwarding to other employees, as well as voice greetings and announcements. This means the customer is always engaged and connected and is well aware of when the business is open. Furthermore, you can have options that allow the customer to be connected to the right employee, increasing productivity and efficiency of the business. A virtual phone system is the only platform that is able to perform this type of functionality and is a necessary tool for all customer facing businesses.

In summary, a virtual phone number is very important to just about any business. All businesses need to be contacted somehow, and traditional hardware doesn’t cut it anymore. A virtual phone system will allow the organisation and its employees to work from anywhere, scale according to growth over time and offer 24/7 customer support. All of these are important to any company, and these technologically based platforms should be implemented regardless of the industry or sector. 

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