Business6 digital marketing tips for your business

6 digital marketing tips for your business


Digital marketing for companies is a matter of survival for business in 2021, don’t you agree? See 7 tips to boost your business on the internet!

Investing in digital marketing for companies is one of the most latent needs of the moment we are living, regardless of the size or segment of the company.

In the words of the specialist in innovation and transformation, Walter Longo, “the post-digital era is the future like a bullet train: it only takes an instant for a distant figure to transform itself into a force that tramples at high speed”.

What does this analogy have to do with my business? How does the speed of things on the internet affect my business? Why draw a digital marketing action plan? Does digital marketing for companies really work?

If you are an entrepreneur and identify with these issues, know that this article is for you. We have separated 6 tips on the subject that will boost your business. Check out!

  1. Make a digital marketing plan

Digital marketing for companies is not magic. Good strategies start with strategic planning.

Forget ready-made recipes. No expert will bring your sales back in just 5 days of digital marketing. Nor will marketers bring the miracle formula for your business to survive in times of pandemics with the internet.

Don’t be discouraged. The idea here is not to be pessimistic. Investing in digital marketing for companies works a lot. Statistics don’t let us lie.

Did you know that 85% of Brazilians shop through their smartphones according to a study by Opinion Box and Mobile Time?

Before defining what works for your brand, it is necessary to study it and plan the set of actions that match aspects such as:

  • Your company’s proposal;
  • The solution that your service/product delivers to the consumer;
  • The persona of your business;
  • The company’s goals.

Digital marketing strategies are not limited to pure and simple ‘disclosure’ of a brand. You need to follow trends, study the competition and understand what works best for your niche market.

It is true that in a moment of social isolation, strategic planning needs to be adapted.

After all, the way you consume, sell and relate to people has also changed a lot and many companies are starting to understand the importance of digital marketing now.

According to a survey by eMarketer, spending on digital media by companies in Latin America is expected to increase by 5.0% to US$9.33 billion by the end of the year.

In short: covid-19 brought to light the need for businesses to adapt their ways of existing and surviving in the midst of the crisis.

Is your company prepared to go through this new moment? If the answer is no, calm down. We have practical tips to help you plan your next steps.

  1. Invest in SEO

You know that cliché saying that what is not seen is not remembered? It goes for your website and your social networks. When creating a website or online store, you need to invest in SEO to generate traffic and receive more hits on this channel.

Who stands out on the internet is who appears on Google and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an acronym that refers to a set of strategies that must be carried out so that your site is ranked on Google?

There are more than 200 factors that influence how to optimize websites, but relying on experts on the subject and a good content strategy and other techniques that work, you will be more successful to be found by those who need your company. Here’s the tip!

  1. Offer valuable content to your audience

Bill Gates once said that content is king and believe me: wrong it isn’t. Content Trends data from 2019 reveals that more than 97% of people consume content online.

Having good content is essential for any digital marketing strategy for companies due to several aspects.

Content marketing is a universe of possibilities that would yield a series of articles like the one you are reading, but we made a list of the main advantages of creating content for your company:

  • Quality content reinforces your company’s authority in its niche market;
  • Investing in valuable content is something that adds value to your audience’s lives and also generates results, whether in increased site traffic, more visits to your profile, among others;
  • Content marketing can fit into your company’s various communication strategies in different formats (WhatsApp, email, marketing, blog, social media);
  • With relevant content, your website gains authority and relevance to search engines;
  • Content marketing can be used to educate, teach, help, sell, answer questions, and many other goals.

In times when people spend more hours connected, stop and think about the impact of providing valuable content.

  1. Register your company on Google My Business

Companies registered on Google My Business are found more easily. In practice, this tool allows you to create a detailed profile of your company with information such as:

  • Telephone;
  • Address;
  • Site;
  • Customer recommendations;
  • Photos and more.

Google My Business works as an indexer of businesses and through geolocation improves your company’s visibility not only on the internet but also in visits to the physical store (the feature is also integrated with Google Maps searches).

  1. Be on social media 

Making a presence on social media is fundamental for any brand these days.

It is not enough to create a fan page, be on commercial Instagram or have a page on LinkedIn, it is necessary to follow trends, offer relevant content and explore the resources of social networks to relate to your customer.

At this point, communication on social networks must be adapted so that it generates a connection with customers. Therefore, as extra tips for you to go deeper into this subject.

  1. Offer an efficient service to your customers

The way of doing business has changed, but there is one thing that never changes: customers want to be heard and valued. Invest in humanized care to meet your needs.

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