MarketingFeatured Snippets 101: Everything You Need To Know

Featured Snippets 101: Everything You Need To Know


Featured snippets are probably one of the most coveted aspects on the search engine results page. Everybody wants that position, but how do you get it? There are a number of different versions of featured snippets and it gives your website a lot of real estate on the first page.

Search engines care about providing the right information to the user in a way that means they can answer the questions. While featured snippets are coveted, many are finding that instead of increasing traffic to the site, it is doing the opposite, which can be concerning.

For example, if a user searches for “what day is mothers day” and you have the featured snippet providing the user with the date. The user gets the answer to their question without even needing to click on to your website. While it’s great to have so much visibility, what you really need is clicks and traffic!

While this is an annoying development of featured snippets, for the most part, the benefits out weigh the negatives. You should therefore be looking for ways that you can increase your chances of getting your site featured. So have a read on below on how to rank for feature snippets:

Leverage High Ranking Content

You may find that you already have content that is ranking pretty highly! Well, all it takes are a few tweaks and adjustments and you could be able to push it up into a featured snippet. Look for keywords that you rank well for, but don’t yet have a featured snippet.

Generally, people find it easier to gain a new featured snippet for a certain keywords, then to “steal” another website’s featured snippet. You should also look to focus on gaining featured snippets with keywords with the right intent.

This will hopefully ensure that your featured snippet doesn’t provide all the information the user is looking for. But it also entices them to click through and read more.

New Content for Featured Snippets

If you are in the process of creating new content, you should always think about the featured snippet. How can you display your content in a way that the search engine can pick it up easily and showcase it in a featured snippet?

Have a look at any of the current featured snippets for some of your target keywords. Is there anything that a lot of them have in common? Things like bullet points, numbered lists and tables are all something that featured heavily.

Your content shouldn’t just be created for the sole purpose of getting a featured snippet, your content needs to be created with the user in mind and answering the question they are looking for. But there is no harm in presenting that content in a way that is more likely to get you a featured snippet!

Optimise Current Featured Snippets

You might find you have a little surprise and that you have already got yourself a featured snippet! Well, that’s only the first step, you want to ensure that it is optimised properly so that it encourages users to click onto your site so you get that all important traffic.

In Google Search Console, you currently cannot find out any information about your active feature snippets, so it might be worth investing in a third party tool, or getting the assistance of an SEO agency, who can monitor and even help create featured snippets for you.

At the end of the day the search engine will pull whatever it likes into the featured snippet. So it is important that you play around with your content to increase the chances of it pulling the content into the featured snippet that you want.

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