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The Latest Tech Developments About to Change the World

The Latest Tech Developments About to Change the World

Technology is constantly evolving and it is doing so at a rapid pace. Every single day, innovators continue to push what we can expect from technology and revolutionize the way that we think about our world. These are just some of the exciting new tech developments that we may be seeing in the not so distant future.

The first interesting development is the possibility for human powered electricity. Believe it or not, scientists have found a way to turn some of the energy that we use when exercising into electricity. While this doesn’t mean we will all be powering our homes by running on a treadmill, it does mean that we could be powering our own heart rate monitors or fitness trackers before too long.

Similarly, we could soon be using our sweat to power our smartwatches. Scientists have found a way to utilize sweat in place of typical batteries and have determined that it could be a more sustainable way to power devices such as smartwatches.

Another interesting development is the use of sound technology to extinguish forest fires. Researchers have determined that they may soon be able to use drones to omit a loud noise that disrupts the air around budding forest fires. With the right frequency, the oxygen that the fire uses to burn can be eliminated and therefore, the fire is stopped in its tracks. This is a particularly exciting development as it has the potential to easily save forests everywhere.

These are just a small few of the many technological developments that scientists continue to present. With further testing and research any one of these developments could soon be commonplace in our world. The innovative approaches to solving some of our most immediate problems are highly impressive and will be revolutionary once they are popularised.