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How Instagram Became One of the Most Popular Social Networking Apps of All Time


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Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social networking apps for people to use. With easy-to-use functions, the app has become a fun and simple way for people to share pictures from their lives with their friends. So how did this app become such a popular method of doing this? What is it that made it so special? We explore some potential answers to these questions.

The first key to Instagram’s success as a platform was its functionality. From the get-go, the app was designed really well and with usability in mind. It worked excellently on mobile and was easy for new users to understand. The simplicity yet innovation of the concept filled a gap in the market and allowed people everywhere to easily download and use it on their phones.

This ease of use was further complemented by high-profile individuals downloading the app. When people saw how fun and easy it was to use from people they looked up to, they too were inspired to sign up for the app. Co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey and Justin Bieber were among the individuals that were early users of the app.

The final aspect of Instagram’s success can be attributed to it being feature on the app store. By this point, the public knew about the app due to its unique and easy function and the fact that it was used and endorsed by celebrities and influencers from around the world. Once it was featured on the app store, Instagram well and truly took off with millions of users joining to see what all the fuss was about.

Today, Instagram is used by approximately 1 billion people worldwide. This enormous popularity was quick to grow and was largely done through word of mouth. The app’s unique concept and commitment to functionality have allowed it to emerge as one of the most popular social networking apps in the world.

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