BusinessHow Uber Revolutionized Transportation

How Uber Revolutionized Transportation


Transportation and commuting were never easy until Uber arrived. Everyone knows how convenient and amazing Uber’s services are. It changes almost everything about how we used to move from one place to another. It gave us amazing features that we didn’t think we needed until Uber arrived. It provides everyone safe, convenient, fast, and high-quality customer service rides.

Uber and such companies like Lyft made transportation more accessible for lots of people, and by people, I mean both drivers and commuters. Unlike Taxis and other types of public transportation- Uber takes advantage of technology, crowdsourcing, and innovation dwarfs any public sector transit advancements.

A company, such as Uber, helps riders have a job and gain an extra income by giving a hassle-free ride using their vehicles. They have approximately 20,000 employees or contractors globally and that doesn’t include all the individual drivers yet.

Additionally, Uber has become the bridge to fewer car accidents each year. Texting while driving and driving while still drunk is never a problem anymore because you can book a ride for a safe trip.

Although Uber was created several years ago by Travis Kalanick, people never appreciated it until now, which made the last few years harder for commuters. But it also gave Uber a chance to enhance their company for a safer trip each book.

Everyone knows how easy it is to use Uber- open the phone app, book a ride, wait for the driver to pick you up, and arrive at your destination. The driver will use a built-in navigation service and delivers you via the shortest, least trafficked route. After every ride, you and your driver can rate each other for other’s reference whether they should accept the client or the driver. The payment is very convenient too. It ranges from $2.75 to $25 – depending on how far your destination is plus, you can pay electronically or in cash.

Uber and such have believed to revolutionized transportation in our times other than our government does. It is not that our government is not doing its job- but private companies like Uber are more resourceful and advance when it comes to the use of technology which made them take the lead.

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