BusinessCareers That Will Make Someone Rich

Careers That Will Make Someone Rich


Career is an important part of our lives. It molds us, helps us become the person we want to be, and helps us achieve whatever it is that we want. But some careers will surely help us achieve financial freedom and here’s what you need to know about them.

The first is being a Pharmacist. Its annual salary ranges from $95,335 to $153,500 depending on the position and years of experience. To achieve this you need to have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and license. The demand for Pharmacists continues to increase because of the need for prescription medication. Pharmacists can work in drug stores, grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, or even build their pharmacy stores.

Next is Computer & Information Systems Manager. It has an annual salary of $70,000 to $132,000. You need to have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology and several years of work experience to get this. Professionals in this path are in charge of supervising maintenance, hardware/software installation, network security, and other tasks for computer professionals that every company needs.

Third, Chief Executive Officer. With an annual salary of $120,000 to $229,000. The requirement is being in business or any business-related bachelor’s degree and significant work experience in other roles. The CEO’s job is to supervise each department, set strategic goals, monitor budgets, make high-level decisions, report to a board of directors, etc. If you can’t afford to start a company yourself, you can always apply to a company and work your way up to the top position, CEO.

Fourth, is being a Dentist. It has an annual salary of $147,840 to $195,903. With the requirement of a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, a DDS or DMD, a license that generally requires passing written and practical exams. We are all aware of what a Dentist’s job is- they diagnose and treat problems related to oral health. Dentists are one of the highest paying jobs because having your dentist and monthly oral health check-up is necessary.

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