Home Technology Google Reveals Insights into Holiday Consumer Search Habits

Google Reveals Insights into Holiday Consumer Search Habits

Google Reveals Insights into Holiday Consumer Search Habits

Google has recently released a document that outlines new shifts in consumer search behaviour on their platform. Christmas is still a huge season for consumer demand despite the massive changes in 2020, and it is a crucially important time for many businesses to connect with their target audiences.

The document contains several insights that marketers to benefit from understanding. Specifically, it talks about the changes in search behaviour from users shopping through the Google platform.

The data has demonstrated the fact that lots of shoppers are now trying to find clothing online, and potentially reflects that people are less likely to shop in physical store locations. All of this makes sense considering the COVID pandemic.

This is interesting since clothing has always been a product that was harder to sell online, as people want to try something on and see how it looks/feels before purchasing. The data is beginning to show that shopping for clothes online is something that people are warming up to on a large scale.

There is also a large uptick in searches relating to supporting local business, which is pleasing to see. The data also shows that consumers are more worried about the price they pay and are looking for the cheapest option without compromising on quality.

Searches related to curbside pickup also increased dramatically, and this should be noted by businesses who are not currently offering this service. Not providing a curbside pickup option could be stopping your business from attracting a wide array of potential customers.

The data seems to suggest that consumers are eager to support local businesses, as long as those businesses take steps to make the shopping experience safer and more convenient.