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Digital Marketing Continues to Grow During Pandemic

Digital Marketing Continues to Grow During Pandemic

Digital marketing, perhaps unsurprisingly, is one of the areas that was spared the wrath of COVID-19. Not only has the digital marketing industry survived the worst of the pandemic, but it is also starting to thrive with many new startups trying to get in on the action.

The industry is undoubtedly growing in response to an uptick in demand from businesses placing a greater dependence on online shopping. Since virus control restriction has forced people to avoid unnecessary travel, more and more shopping has switched to digital.

Restaurants who can’t attract as many people off the street have been forced to pivot to online ordering and delivery. Department stores have expanded their online presence to better cater to droves of people shopping for products from the comfort (and safety) of home.

Now, eCommerce sites are proving to be highly profitable, and everyone wants a piece of the cake. Digital marketers are popping up all over the place to meet this new demand from those who need to reliably market their products and services online.

There are plenty of businesses who have never tried digital marketing before who, all of a sudden, need to hire experts to assist them. Being equipped with the skills to drive sales and inquiries through search engines brings more value now than ever before.

This undoubtedly gives a lot of job security to digital marketers during this unprecedented time. It will also (as we have seen) attract new people to the industry and perhaps drive innovation as more and more minds enter the arena.

Only time will tell how digital marketing grows and develops after the pandemic ends. Currently, digital marketers can enjoy a large amount of interest in their expertise from customers eager to invest in their online presence.