TechnologyBecome a Certified Cloud Computing Engineer with CloudElite

Become a Certified Cloud Computing Engineer with CloudElite


CloudElite has become the number one program in the US for people to get unique training for a career as a cloud computing engineer. Developed by founder and CEO Daniel Nwosu, the program is dedicated to providing well-rounded training and career advice that will secure its students fulfilling careers in cloud computing.

Daniel Nwosu

As an experienced cloud computing engineer himself, Daniel Nwosu understands how difficult it can be to find a training program that genuinely provides you with the skills needed to become certified and to land a job. He hopes to combine these two elements to create an unparalleled training course for his students.

Since its foundation, CloudElite has had a high success rate in terms of securing students prosperous careers. The team that Nwosu has built is renowned for their high quality teaching skills and for the unique opportunities they offer to the students. The teachers each have 5+ AWS certifications and are known for taking time out of their own schedules to further support their students’ careers. Some even provide the opportunity for students to shadow their own work as a cloud computing engineer.

The general services offered by CloudElite includes hands-on training, mock interviews, Linked-In optimization, a hand-crafted resume, and more. These services are used to boost a students profile and give them practical career skills to accompany their certification as a cloud computing engineer. At CloudElite, approximately 90% of students are able to pass their certification on their first try. In addition to this, approximately 80% of students receive a job offer shortly after. This is a testament to the quality of the teaching in the program.

CloudElite have successfully launched virtual programs that have been equally as successful as their online programs. They are committed to continuously expanding their business and making their services accessible to as many people as possible. CEO Daniel Nwosu says that they plan to develop seminars in the future and that they are also in the process of expanding to the UK and Canada.

For anyone wanting to pursue cloud computing as a career, CloudElite is the best program available to get you certified and also make your profile attractive to prospective employers. The success rates that they have speak for themselves and it is clear that their reputation as one of the top cloud computing training programs in the US is well deserved.

You can follow Daniel Nwosu and CloudElite and on Facebook here or Instagram here.


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