TechnologyWhat is Phygital?

What is Phygital?


Do you know what Phygital is? Discover the concept that unites physical and virtual stores with one goal: to win over the customer and strengthen the brand!

Phygital is an expression that joins the term physical (or, in Portuguese, physical) with digital. The combination is peculiar, but when we think about the consumer’s vision, every successful brand invests in strategies that provide a unique and good experience for the customer, whether in the physical or digital store.

In times of pandemic, it is evident that the growth of online stores is on the rise. However, good practices do not change regardless of circumstances and market adaptations. Providing excellent customer service, connecting the brand to its audience on physical and digital platforms is one of them.

After all, how did the Phygital concept come about? How to become a company that excels in these two areas? Are there good examples of brands that succeed, in practice, from this concept?

We’ve gathered the main information on the subject and in the next lines, we’ll share it with you who want to raise the level of good experiences for your company. Check out!

 Bet on excellent communication, focusing on omnichannel

Excellent communication is a requirement to establish a good relationship with the customer. People like to be listened to and problems solved. And while talking to the customer may seem simple at first, the lack of an effective, unified strategy can bring disastrous results for your brand.

There is no way to think about communication actions in multiple spaces and channels without having a line of reasoning and a tone of voice that is aligned with your brand values ​​and personalized communication for your audience.

Of course, the rise of digital brought with it several transformations and communication possibilities in more than one direction. However, consistency is the key word for maintaining effective communication, regardless of format, style or platform.


In short, this tactic serves to integrate the same way of talking to your customers across all channels, with one central objective: to make them happy with your brand service. Think… nobody likes to be very well served on social networks and personally, in the same company, feel cold and different in the treatment of the seller (a), do you agree?

  1. Invest in actions that bridge the online and offline worlds

Who said that on and off marketing actions cannot work in an integrated way? The platforms are different, but it is possible to promote successful initiatives with creativity and planning.

A simple example: for a store that works with clothes, for example, launching a new collection is a moment with a lot of potential both for networking between brand partners and for encouraging partnerships with digital influencers and brand lovers.

You can decorate a cozy, “unstageable” space, use creative QR Codes in the environment and arouse people’s desire to share that experience with the world through stories and digital content. Here’s the tip!

  1. Provide memorable experiences

One of the trends that, it seems, have come to mark the coming years is to provide memorable experiences for your audience. People do not buy products or services, but the sensations and experiences they have had.

Businesses that manage to do this, considering what is physical, will thrive and stand out from others who do more of the same. Amazon, one of the technology giants, is an example of inspiration in this context. Traditionally, Amazon Prime works as an integrated service with a virtual store, streaming services and several benefits.

However, considering the fact that many people insist on touching the product, getting to know it and visiting a physical store, the brand created, in 2018, Amazon Go, which works as a physical store. The idea is that customers choose the products and live this shopping experience, but without delay and zero bureaucracy at the time of finalizing the purchase, as payment can be made using a QR Code. Just have an Amazon account or the app on your mobile.


  1. Know your persona and offer unique solutions

It doesn’t matter if you have a physical store, e-commerce or work in both formats.

Knowing the customer (really), understanding their habits, listening to their wishes and considering the right time to offer the solution they need or take a decisive step in the negotiation is the “leap of the cat” or, outside of popular sayings, one of the secrets to work.

So build your persona, do interviews, listen to what people say about your product, consider suggestions and actually look for the best every day. If your business has a face-to-face environment, don’t leave a box with space to deposit various papers with customer opinions just to make an average, ok?!

To captivate customers, you need to get closer to them. On the internet, engagement doesn’t come overnight and if people don’t feel good in their physical store, they can also exercise the right not to come back. Here are some tips to turn this game around:

  • On social media, take polls and use resources such as question boxes to encourage people to participate and listen to opinions;
  • In physical stores, listen, watch the customer and don’t try to force the purchase of what he doesn’t want. Focus on trust and good service;
  • Promote service and management training for marketing and sales teams;
  • Encourage integrated actions. The sales team can get to know the marketing routine and the marketing people must understand the commercial’s daily routine.

From these tips, we hope you have understood what phygital is and how to face this change with naturalness, planning and learning to attract and engage people and reinforce your brand values ​​with solidity and consistency everywhere.

In physical stores or e-commerce, remember that the heart of your business is the customer and as long as a company exists, it serves a purpose and provides solutions. As soon as innovation and channel integration ceases to exist, the company dies a little every day.

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