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Why Using the Right Online Pharmacy is Safer Than You Think


The popularity of online pharmacies has caused a shift in consumer behavior and how they purchase prescription medication. With benefits like convenience, lower prices, high level of discretion and access to a wide range of both generic and brand name medicines, the acceptability of online pharmacies continues to grow on a daily basis. But how safe are these online pharmacies? Well, it depends on which online pharmacy you go for. The right online pharmacy will prioritize the safe dispensing of your prescription while ensuring that all safety standards are adequately followed.

The dangers of rogue online pharmacies

Before filling your prescription at an online pharmacy, it is highly important that you do your research as patronizing a fraudulent online pharmacy comes with a lot of risks, such as;

  • Being sold medications that are fake, expired, have the wrong ingredients or adverse side effects, poorly manufactured or not government approved.
  • Proper procedures might not be followed when filling out your prescription
  • Your personal information is not protected

How the right online pharmacy ensures your safety

Requires a valid prescription

A legitimate online pharmacy such as Canada Pharmacy Online will always require a valid prescription from a licensed physician before they can fill out your order. These prescriptions are usually reviewed together with your medical history by an on-call licensed pharmacist to ensure that your medicines are being dispensed properly and safely. Bear in mind that the right online pharmacy will never offer to prescribe medications for you or offer to sell you drugs without a valid prescription from a physician.

Company information

The right online pharmacy will have their company information on their page, including a physical address and contact information for all your questions and concerns. Privacy and security policies should also be made easily accessible for customers to read.

Secure transactions

One of the concerns people have with shopping online is the safety of their personal information. The right online pharmacy prioritizes the safety of your personal information and will not disclose them to any third party without your consent. Canada Pharmacy Online uses secure SSL encryption to ensure that all your online transactions are 100% secure.

Access to information

In addition to having a pharmacist readily available to answer all the questions and concerns customers might have, the right online pharmacy will also have detailed information on each of their products readily available for the customers to access. If possible, the products should be provided in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

Proper certifications

This is a very important criterion a trustworthy and safe online pharmacy must have. Certification from the appropriate regulatory body ensures the legitimacy of an online pharmacy. In Canada, for example, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), which is an association of licensed retail pharmacies, provides online pharmacies with the license to sell drugs legally and safely online.


Is buying your medicines from an online pharmacy safe? Yes, if you choose the right pharmacy. Choosing a certified and trustworthy online pharmacy to fill out your prescription removes any concerns you might have about purchasing drugs online.

Ensure to always be on the look-out for pharmacies that have; the proper license/certifications, a valid company address and contact information, an on-call fully licensed pharmacist and a privacy policy for all customer information.


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