BusinessWhy Support Small Businesses?

Why Support Small Businesses?


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A lot of small businesses are actually leveling up their game and tries to provide a high-quality product/service that is comparable to big corporations. This is why most people these days prefer to support and purchase from small businesses.

Here are the reasons why they want to encourage others in helping small businesses thrive. First, it’s because small business cares about the community. By supporting the small local store, you are also supporting the community. Small business pays sales taxes to the city government or the country. The tax -collected from small businesses is used as funds to support public schools, parks, roads, and sidewalks, including fund public service workers.

Second, small business creates more jobs. Since 1995, more than half of the U.S.’s jobs were created by small businesses. Small businesses create more jobs locally and provide better wages. The more you shop at local stores, the more they open job opportunities.

Third, small businesses provide excellent customer service. Small-business owners treasure their customers and the relationship with them. They provide better, more personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service. Small business owners tend to handle customer’s complaints personally to fix the problem immediately. Besides that, they also create community relationships. Small local stores use the goods and services of other local businesses. These include banks and farms, which create social and economic relationships between small business owners, employees, and customers. The owners of small local stores in your community (most of the time) are your neighbors, friends, or relatives.

They also improve the local economy. The money you pay to the small local stores stays in the community. For each $100 you spent at a local store, $68 remained in the community. Unlike when you spent $100 at a chain retailer, only $43 remains in the community. Small business owners support other local businesses for both business and personal reasons. Whereas- chain retailers get their supplies from corporate.

Lastly, they provide customers with fresh and organic products. The products you can find in the grocery stores tend to have chemicals to preserve them. However, when buying a small local business like the farm in the community- you rest assured that the fruits and vegetables are fresh, organic, and chemical-free, as well as the eggs, dairy, and meat. All these benefits are what make people love and support small businesses.

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