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Vox Reserve Club: These types of a Enjoyable Age, a biting social satire with a killer Thanksgiving scene


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The American literary canon isn’t brief on nightmarish Thanksgiving scenes, but I feel the cringiest Thanksgiving I have ever read through about seems at the climax of Kiley Reid’s witty and biting debut novel, These kinds of a Pleasurable Age.

That Thanksgiving commences with white liberal mother-fluencer Alix lying awake the night time prior to dinner, proudly counting in her head the range of Black friends she’ll have at her desk. There will be five of them, one particular of whom is her daughter’s babysitter. But unbeknownst to Alix (pronounced uh-leeks notably, she is not French), someone else is heading to arrive at her Thanksgiving meal — an ex-boyfriend who once witnessed her do one thing that Alix feels completely justified in undertaking, but which she acknowledges could make some individuals consider that she is racist. Almost everything will spiral from there.

If you’d like to expertise this Thanksgiving meal in its entire horror, sign up for the Vox Guide Club as we expend November digging into the smart racial politics and social satire of These kinds of a Enjoyable Age. Then, at the end of the month, we’ll be meeting Reid stay on Zoom, and you can sign up for us there. (We’ll update this submit with an RSVP link as shortly as it’s readily available.) In the meantime, subscribe to the Vox E book Club newsletter to make absolutely sure you really don’t pass up nearly anything.

The complete Vox Guide Club timetable for November 2021

Friday, November 19: Discussion article on This kind of a Entertaining Age printed to

Tuesday, November 30, 5 pm Japanese: Virtual live celebration with writer Kiley Reid. We’ll update this put up with an RSVP url as shortly as it is accessible. Reader thoughts are encouraged!

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