News‘UpDog Challenge’ provides exciting for canines, owners – Situations-Typical

‘UpDog Challenge’ provides exciting for canines, owners – Situations-Typical


An “UpDog Challenge” a short while ago took spot in Fortuna’s Rohner Park. UpDog aims to boost the range of canine proprietors participating in disc and pet sports.

Beverly Chang, who headed up the energy to bring this party to Humboldt County, became common with the sport when she attended an party at Purina Farms close to St. Louis, Missouri, earlier this year.

“One of my pups gained a World Championship,” stated Chang, who breeds miniature American shepherds.

Even though at the Purina Farms facility, Chang, along with Deb Lake and Lisa Spellenberg — two other pet dog lovers from the North Coast — took the classes important to come to be UpDog Challenge judges.

“For our initial celebration on Oct. 15, 16 and 17, we employed Andrew Stovers as our judge,” mentioned Chang. The neighborhood party was sponsored by Nebraska Disc Canines.

Now that there are three judges readily available regionally, UpDog organizers are on the lookout ahead to introducing UpDog Worries to the wide variety of gatherings nearby dog proprietors have to opt for from.

“We were being captivated to UpDog Obstacle due to the fact of their philosophy,” reported Chang. “It’s all about achievements and aiding contributors get involved. It’s not at all about telling them what is mistaken.”

Humboldt UpDog Challenge is in the organizing phases, with a initial assembly set for Wednesday. For additional facts, call Beverly Chang at

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