NewsThe comedy stylings of Invoice Belichick – The Athletic

The comedy stylings of Invoice Belichick – The Athletic


By Rustin Dodd, Matthew Fairburn and Jayson Jenks

Bill Belichick has been identified as lots of issues in the course of his 22 seasons as the Patriots coach: a genius, a grouch, the GOAT. But funny? Just wait around until you read through the stories from 15 of his previous gamers …

Ross Tucker, offensive lineman: He’s surely an asshole. And he’s surely hilarious.

Zoltan Mesko, punter: Like a legit comic.

Josh Miller, punter: Everyone in the locker space will tell you he’s just one of the funniest dudes you will at any time meet up with.

Jed Weaver, restricted finish: Onterrio Smith … acquired caught with the Whizzinator in his bag. He was the working back from Minnesota. But Monthly bill is looking through the report: “It suggests right here that he did not know he experienced a bogus dick in his bag simply because one of his buddies put it in there right before he received on the plane. So all you fucking assholes, when you are coming back again for schooling camp, make certain you look at your bag before you get on your airplane. Make guaranteed none of your buddies set a faux dick in your bag.”

Dane Fletcher, linebacker: Dude, he’s dry as shit, but he’s hilarious.

Je-Rod Cherry, basic safety: I consider loquacious is the suitable word. The person can discuss. And the gentleman can cuss like nobody else.

Miller: He could MF you and make you giggle, which, to me, is a expertise.

Shea McClellin, linebacker: We’re watching film as a workforce. A guy’s on the ground, he slips or visits or what ever, and he’d be like: “Look at this fucking dude. He’s down listed here searching for Easter eggs.”

Terrell Buckley, cornerback: It would be hilarious — if he was not conversing to you.

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