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The Best Games to Play With the Family


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Spending time with the family by playing games can be a great bonding activity. There are a range of games that you can all enjoy together. Whether you’re looking to get competitive or are simply looking to have fun, these games are the best of the best.

Monopoly is a classic family games that is sure to create some rivalry! Enjoy going around the board collecting your favourite properties and bargaining with your family to come out on top. Not only is this game both super competitive and lots of fun, it’s a great way to teach kids about money and money management. Try your hardest not to go bankrupt!

Cluedo is another popular board game that will keep everybody guessing. In Cluedo, you get to become your very own detective. Use your best skills to solve a murder and be as sneaky as you can when interrogating the rest of your family. Everybody is a suspect in this game, and it’s a whole lot of fun trying to figure out whodunit.

Another great game for the family is Operation. Operation allows you to learn all about the body and test your skills as a surgeon. Try to keep a steady hand as you carefully operate on your patient. If you mess up, you’ll hear a shocking buzz! This keeps the whole family on their toes as you concentrate hard to be the best surgeon.

These are just some of the many games that you can enjoy with your whole family. Kids of any age are sure to enjoy playing together while also learning some valuable life skills. For even the most competitive families, these games will challenge you and let you have a laugh together. So next family game night, consider one of these games, and let the fun ensue!

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