LifestyleSt. Marys Spot Superior College Honors | Life style

St. Marys Spot Superior College Honors | Life style


ST. MARYS — The St. Marys Space Significant School announces the Honor Roll for the initial nine months.

Andrea Adamski, Holly Anthony, Daulton Bauer, Payton Bauer, Ryan Bille, Kailyn Blake, Madison Blythe, Grayson Bona, Ely Bowers, Clayton Bryant, Connor Bullers, Bryan Caskey, Isabelle Caskey, ViviAnne Catalone, Christian Coudriet, Cole Cousins, Thomas Defilippi, Edward Delvalle-Garcia, Olivia Dunmire, Madison Eckert, Abigail Erich, Nolan Fenton, Rachel Fleming, Amarah Fullam, Emma Gavazzi, Andrew Gerber, Michael Gulnac, Sarah Heary, Wesley Herzing, Megan Kleppinger, Collin Kline, Mia Kline, Anthony Lewis, Davan Lion, Joseph Lipsey, Alexis Mahoney, Emily Mahoney, Marissa Matangelo, Caleb Mattiuz, Anna Mattivi, Lauren Mosier, Lillian Mosier, Zachary Mosier, Isabella Pistner, Adam Rakieski, Danielle Carolynn Rakieski, Emily Ritter, Chloe Robinson, Kylie Schutz, Allie Senior, Allison Shaffer, Emma Sidelinger, Kaden Snelick, Kobie Snelick, Katlyn Stauffer, Ian Timchak, Gina VanSlander, Alexander Vollmer, Owen Wehler, Morgan Wiest.

Angelina Antonuccio, Morgan Billotte, Alexander Brow, Andrew DePrater, Antonio Guido, Isabella Hadfield, Marissa Lenze, Sean Radkowski, Colton Swanson.

Caitlin Blessel, Lily Bouch, Jourdan Carrero, Isabella Catalone, Carter Chadsey, Lola Chmelar, Charles Coudriet, Rosa DePrater, Justin Dornisch, Olivia Eckels, Jacob Eckert, Reece Ehrensberger, Isabella Field, Rachael Floravit, Wyatt Foster, Tanner Fox, Wyatt Ginther, Clay Grazioli, Landon Gudac, Jaedyn Johnston, Emma Kline, Kylee Kline, Alexia Lenze, Vincent Lenze, Andrea Malone, Max McClain, Logan Mosier, Elias Nedimyer, Cole Neil, Glen O’Dell, Abigail Pociask, Elena Raffeinner, Killian Ramsey, Elijah Rippey, Danielle Rolley, Ethan Schlimm, Bryce Shannon, Emma Sorg, Colten Vollmer, Matthew Wehler, Alexis Whitesell, Kendall Younger.

Sydney Felmlee, Aiden McKay.

Shelbi Agosti, Catherine Bauer, Kelsie Bellotti, Isaac Belovesick, Jack Beyer, Audrianna Bobenrieth-Neat, Liam Brem, Riley Brennan, Kara Chicola, Casey Chittester, Liliana Chmelar, Derek…

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