NewsSpooky Buddies a fun Halloween movie with pet dogs,...

Spooky Buddies a fun Halloween movie with pet dogs, safe and sound for young ones


Spooky Buddies is the fifth in the 7-film Air Buddies sequence, a spinoff of the five-film Air Bud series, and cousin of the fellow spinoff Santa Paws and Pup Star collection.

The 2011 straight-to-DVD film is also a kid-friendly Halloween film with canine, and gives non-scary fun for all those viewers in the mood for a spooky(ish) movie.

Spooky Buddies was directed by Robert Vince, produced by Anna McRoberts, and created by the two of them together, and it yet again follows the children of Air Bud in their several adventures.

Direct voice roles attribute G Hannelius (Pet with a Website, Very good Luck Charlie) as Rosebud, Skyler Gisondo as B-Dawg, Charles Henry Wyson as Buddha, Nico Ghisi as Budderball, and Ty Pantz as Mudbud. Tim Conway (Air Bud: Golden Receiver, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Gus) reprises his role as Deputy Sniffer the Bloodhound.

Spooky Buddies is a enjoyment Halloween movie with puppies that perfect for youthful kids who want to get into the spooky spirit.


In 1937 Fernfield, Washington, a warlock named Warwick has kidnapped five Beagle puppies to sacrifice to the Halloween Hound a ritual that is interrupted by the arrival of the sheriff and a tiny mob of concerned citizens.

Thanks to the ritual being interrupted, Warwick disappears into a void and a person of the puppies, Pip, results in being a ghost.

A few-quarters of a century later (so 2012, but extra on the timeline later), Warwick’s household is a area legend that schoolkids go on area trips to. These schoolkids include the Buddies’ house owners, Alice (Rosebud), Billy (B-Dawg), Pete, Sam and Bartleby (Budderball).

For some purpose the Buddies have tagged alongside outside the house, and his siblings’ teasing leads B-Dawg to sneak inside the home and chant “Halloween Hound” a few situations, thus accidentally releasing the Hound and Warwick.

When Billy decides to go his historical past report on the curse of the Halloween Hound, the young ones fall by the sheriff’s place of work, in which they uncover Warwick’s employees, which goes nicely with Billy’s wizard outfit.

The kids and puppies go trick or managing when Warwick searches for his missing personnel, with a large amount of important plot data taking place throughout this sequence: Pip the…

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