TravelPokémon Theory: Ash's Pikachu Is a Time-Travel Paradox

Pokémon Theory: Ash’s Pikachu Is a Time-Travel Paradox


Ash’s and Pikachu’s meeting was normally a matter of destiny, but a popular Pokémon admirer idea specifies just how fateful their meeting may well have been.

Pokémon and lover theories go with each other like, very well, Ash and Pikachu, and couple points spawn improved admirer theories than time vacation. In the series’ fourth movie, Pokémon 4At any time, Ash Ketchum’s face with a young time traveler named Sam might’ve been the catalyst for one of the most legendary duos in pop lifestyle. In 1 of the more convincing Pokémon theories, it is feasible that Ash and Pikachu were not introduced jointly by a broken alarm clock, but by a plan concocted by Professor Oak from when he was nonetheless a child named Sam who’d been introduced to the upcoming by a Celebi.

The story of how Pikachu arrived to be Ash’s starter Pokémon has often been peculiar. It really is odd that Professor Oak would maintain a Pikachu in reserve rather of more of the common Kanto starters. Oak also knows that the Pikachu is tricky to regulate, and it can be not like Ash is a promising trainer, considering he overslept on the most crucial day of his daily life. It often felt like there had to be a lot more to it when the Pokémon Professor allowed Ash to take Pikachu, in spite of all indications that it was a terrible plan.

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