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Namibia: Selling a Healthful Way of living

Namibia: Selling a Healthful Way of living


When Iyaloo Nambuwa’s young sister released her to the menstrual cup, she didn’t care significantly about it until lately, when she saw how effortless it was for her sister to reuse it every single month, alternatively of buying sanitary pads.

“This, coupled with so numerous disheartening tales of ladies lacking faculty for the reason that they simply cannot afford pads, applying makeshift products like toilet paper or old rags and consuming herbal concoctions in an attempt to quit menstruating, led to the birth of the Petwa menstrual cups,” she informed Youth Corner. A menstrual cup is a hygienic, bell-shaped cup designed of adaptable healthcare quality silicone and is worn inside of the vagina throughout menstruation to capture the menstrual fluid.

Nambuwa (30), who is the co-operator and founder of Petwa Foundation, then decided to also start out supplying the menstrual cups regionally in an energy to aid gals and young ladies cope with large menstruation bleeding.

Just lately, the Petwa Basis, proven in 2020, obtained a donation of N$30 000 from South African Servier Laboratories in aid and marketing of the foundation’s overall health initiatives with deprived communities in Namibia.

The donation jumpstarted the creation of a lot more menstrual cups. Another member of Petwa Basis, Patricia Amoomo explained to Youth Corner that menstrual cups are safe since they hold and obtain the blood in its place of absorbing it, which can result in TSS (toxic shock syndrome). Amoomo (31) included that the cups are non-leaking, which presents consolation and self confidence.