NewsMisplaced Mines of Atlantis is a enjoyment roadside attraction

Misplaced Mines of Atlantis is a enjoyment roadside attraction


SEBRING, Fla. — The Shed Mines of Atlantis is an previous-university roadside attraction which is all areas bizarre, wonderful and a blast for the full loved ones.

The Sebring funspot on U.S. Freeway 27 beckons travelers with large cutouts of Sasquatch patrolling the grounds — and then retains people there with a wild mining practical experience.

Thriller mining buckets start off at $20, and are packed with all way of geodes and precious gems. (My preferred? You can even crack a geode with a hand-cranking equipment.)

The attraction also features the Greenman Curiosity Store, which sells all the things from rocks to oils to “Florida Water Cologne,” plus a sprawling marketplace included in colourful tchotchkes from Mexico.

The full website is an Instagrammer’s dream.

For extra on the Missing Mines of Atlantis, go right here.

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