NewsJeff Whitten: Extra enjoyment than a barrel

Jeff Whitten: Extra enjoyment than a barrel


Random stuff. 1. My mom, bless my heart, has had some thoughts-blowing dreams over the several years. After, she dreamt a large lady came into the home even though she and Father had been asleep, then, sat down on the edge of their mattress, opened up a paper sack and started out throwing tomatoes at her. That, according to Dad, brought on Mom to get started – in his terms, “whooping” – and naturally woke him up wanting to know what in the world was heading on.

Far more just lately, Mom claimed she dreamed she couldn’t uncover Dad and went outdoors and identified him in the backyard, naked and rolling all over on his back in a pile of leaves, kind of like a pet.

“I had to yell, “stop that! Get back in this dwelling appropriate now!,” she stated.

And, just the other working day, Mother advised me she dreamt she’d been elected lieutenant governor of Michigan. “Which is outrageous,” she claimed, “because I’ve in no way been to Michigan in my everyday living.”

2. Lately, I got a textual content out of the blue from Dal Beck – a man I hadn’t heard from in a long time. We went by means of Army AIT jointly at Fort Sill in Oklahoma back in the 80s.

Offered the poor state of our finances and the dearth of fantastic bars in Lawton, Okay, Beck, who remains I consider a kind of midwestern hippy, made a club whose customers met following several hours at a picnic table outside the house a dental clinic around our barracks – which have been Globe War II picket open up bay whatchamacallits with no partitions to divide up the commodes, but that’s another story.

This story is about how we’d sip 3.2 beer (all they marketed at the PX in Lawton in individuals days) at Beck’s Dental Club and resolve all the world’s complications for cost-free.

For some explanation, I especially don’t forget a discussion over regardless of whether a person from the west could truly have an understanding of anything from the east like Zen Buddhism. I came down on the aspect that we couldn’t, since we weren’t born into it.

Someway, three or four Budweisers under the Oklahoma stars manufactured Buddhism seem really suitable to a handful of GIs again in the 1980s. It was one of lots of fantastic times I experienced in the Military, arrive to assume of it.

Last but not least this: 3. I was reminded just lately that creating this weekly column is one particular of the benefits of remaining a weekly newspaper editor. Which led me to…

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