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How to Find the Best Workout Routine for Your Body

How to Find the Best Workout Routine for Your Body

A workout routine is only effective if it is fully customised to your body and your goals. Different bodies respond more or less effectively to different exercises. Different exercises are also designed specifically to target different muscles. Finding what routine works best for you and gets you to your goals may seem daunting, but here are our tips for achieving this.

The first thing to consider when designing a workout routine is the goals that you are hoping to achieve. For example, if you are looking primarily to build muscle, you should be looking to prioritise exercises such as weight-lifting exercises. For slimming down, however, weight-lifting may not be the best route to take, and you may be better suited to a more cardio-heavy routine. Determine what your exact goals are and you can begin to figure out which exercises are best for meeting these.

The next tip is to pay attention to your body. Every single body is different and if you notice that certain exercises aren’t working effectively for you, try something new! For example, you may already have super strong legs and won’t need to focus as much on leg exercises if you find them easy. You may instead want to prioritise your arms or another part of your body to get them on the same level as your legs. While you should usually try to work out every part of the body, paying attention to your specific needs and using your time effectively is highly important.

Finally, to get an effective workout, you may want to talk to a personal trainer who will help you determine a regime based on your goals and the needs of your body. This takes the pressure off you and will allow you to develop an effective routine and achieve great results.