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How to create a Landing Page to have a lot of conversions?


Creating a Landing Page to have a lot of conversions doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Although there is some care in the choice of Call To Actions, colours and organization of information, making an attractive and efficient page can be simpler with a few tips.

You must always consider the Landing Page’s objectives and its knowledge of public behaviour. This, always, is crucial to choose the best strategies. 


Also, it’s worth keeping an eye on the results and seeing which tactics work best.

Check which points are essential for a successful Landing Page:

1. The first scroll

The first screen portion of the page is the most important. Remember that in newspapers and magazines, the “cover story” is always highlighted first. It’s the same case here. The most important content needs to be in evidence on the first scroll.

Also, avoid super tall menus (headers) so you don’t push this Premium area too low, especially if your site is responsive. It’s also worth setting the pages to load smaller text sizes on mobile so they don’t get too long.

The purpose of this tip is just one: to make the most fundamental content never go unnoticed, no matter what device your user is accessing.

2. Choose complementary colors to create contrast

Visually drawing attention is one of the most stimulated points on a Landing Page. No wonder, when you consume, the packaging or commercial of the product counts a lot for a more gratifying experience, isn’t it?

That’s why studying colours well and a modern visual identity help to generate credibility and arouse desire. Study the psychology of colours and use services like Adobe Color CC, which helps you create colour combinations in the most varied types of rules:

  • Analogous;
  • Monochrome; 
  • Triad; 
  • Complementary; 
  • Compound; 
  • Shadows; 
  • Custom. 

In this case, using Complementary is a good tip, as it will select opposite colors in the Color Circle and you can perform the contrast.

3. Bet on SEO for Landing 

When planning a Landing Page, the keywords are usually already well worked out and, with this, it is easier to improve the ranking in Google. However, with a few more cares, it is possible to optimize the positioning and capture many more leads. 

Some strategies include applying SEO tactics to Landing Page just as you would apply to content for ranking on Google: 

  • Bet on relevant keywords; 
  • Make good descriptions in the meta description; 
  • Use a URL that makes sense and is sharing-friendly. That is, avoid very long addresses; 
  • Choose objective, accurate and informative titles, working with important terms.

4. Don’t forget about multimedia content

The human being is visual. If your Landing Page is just plain text, the chance of it being overlooked increases considerably. Use images and videos to engage the reader, interleaving in blocks of short, direct text.

The idea is to transform the page almost into an infographic, which makes navigation easier and more intuitive. 

It is worth remembering that content is more than just what is written, as it also involves the senses transmitted by colors and images.

Ideally, visuals should be appropriate for the product or service being offered. At this time, it is interesting to humanize the message, make it more affective and closer to the public.

Taking care of the choice of photos and illustrations, ensuring that there is harmony between the information is essential. Also, the Landing Page needs to be really informative. So, betting on real photos of the products, when possible, can be a good choice.

5. Create a sense of urgency

Your Landing Page text needs to be marketing to the right extent. You can’t sell yourself too much or offer something that you can’t deliver on time. However, it is valid to use an approach that emphasizes the high demand for the product, leading to the belief that its sale is limited.

That’s the sense of urgency. In other words, create the notion that there is a limit of vacancies, time or purchase for that particular product, ensuring that the acquisition is not left for later. 

Also, using customer recommendations and reviews is highly beneficial if you honestly endorse it. If those who like your product or service testify in your favor, the chance that other people will feel more secure increases.

We human beings seek social confirmation at all times. If more users think the same as us, this can become a decisive purchase factor. 

Finally, always have a big button highlighted with a call to action (CTA). It can be a registration form or a login. Always leave it in plain view, either on the header or on the first scroll. Remember that this action will allow you to prospect new customers later.

Another tip: offer benefits, not features. The customer is always looking for a solution to a problem. Presenting solutions is more efficient than just listing features.

6. Use bullets and keywords

The texts need to be well diagrammed. Your customers don’t always read everything and end up jumping from block to block in search of something that catches their attention. Therefore, placing texts that are too wide or too long will complicate the user’s life.

This is where the use of bookmarks helps to highlight useful information and at the same time visually structure the content to keep the audience interested. It is also vital to highlight the keywords in the title, URL and first paragraph of the text, helping the search engines work to categorize your page.

Another tip is to place the call to action in the URL itself. Adding “/buy-the-product-x” on the CTA page makes sure the user has found the next step.

7. Talk directly to the user

Imagine that your future customer is a friend across the table. Therefore, your language should be simple, direct and spoken in the first person. Words like “yours, yours” or “you” add a more personal tone that makes the customer pay more attention.

The more they like your conversation, the more likely they’ll feel willing to try out what you’re offering.

8. Avoid visual pollution

There is a force in the universe that keeps throbbing in the head of any entrepreneur on how he should put all the advantages of his product or service on the Landing Page. After all, he studied for a few months the competitors, the market and all that energy need to be converted into something productive.

But calm down there! Think that this is the first time that potential customers will have contact with you. Bombing them with too much information can most of the time, be harmful. 

In fact, many times you’re not even sure of the audience you’ll be able to target. Will the entries you get to prove that you must make changes to your strategy because the audience has changed?

So clean up the page, stick to the most important points, and allow the user to find additional information only if they wish. Of course, make sure all essential information is present.

9. Use A/B Tests 


One of the practical ways to know what works when converting leads is to apply A/B testing. Basically, the idea is to see which changes help – or hinder – conversions. 

To do this, pages with single-element changes are made available to assess impacts. For example, it is possible to change the colour of the CTA or its position. So, with frequent testing, it’s simpler to build Landing Pages, and other materials, much more efficient, based on the behaviour of the audience that’s accessing your site. 

Some of the points that can be tested are: 

  • Images and illustrations; 
  • Letter color; 
  • CTA color; 
  • Text of the CTA; 
  • CTA position; 
  • The layout of elements in general; 
  • Title.

10. Focus on form

Forms are the defining point of the Landing Page. After all, the objective of each element is to lead the audience to fill it out.

Therefore, the form needs to be well organized, simple and, at the same time, complete. For the company, the idea is to collect all relevant information to know the interests of customers, as well as their contacts. However, putting too many fields, requesting too much information, can have a very unwanted effect: giving up. 

That is, the more requests there are, the greater the risk that they will not be fulfilled and you will miss the conversion.

So finding the middle ground is essential.

Another way to optimize and make this step easier – for both you and the public – is smart forms. They allow recurring customers to not have to repeat information that has already been filled in on other Landing Pages.

Furthermore, for the company, this prevents repeated information from being received.

11. Thank you page

Also called Thank You Pages, thank you pages are shown as soon as people complete the Landing Page action. In addition to informing that the registration, purchase or request was, in fact, completed (avoiding possible doubts), they are more complete and informative. 

With this, it is possible to thank the person, establishing more proximity and improving their experience and shopping journey

Another tip that can be allied is the attempt to keep the public browsing the site or, even, know other materials. For this, by thanking you for filling out the form, you can indicate other materials, ebooks or related content or have a button to return to the site.

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