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How Apple Became the Most Valuable Brand in the World


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Almost all the people around the world know how famous Apple is in terms of branding and technology. Everyone wants Apple’s products and all of them are willing to pay a huge sum of money just to get their hands on Apple’s latest creation. But how did Apple become the most valuable brand in the world? What is their technique and how are they different from the others?

Like all companies, Apple started as a small corporation in Cupertino, CA, and was founded in 1976 by two young programmers, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple produced the most popular digital gadgets that are used worldwide, including Macs, iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

Most of us are already familiar with the most famous brand and the most valuable company, Apple, but not all of us know the story of how Apple became the most valuable brand in the world. One of the reasons behind Apple’s success is they are developing products for emerging markets since 1976. Of course, back then, the computer was still in an emerging market, so they created the Apple II. It became the first personal computer to achieve mass-market success. And for the past couple of years, Apple continues to focus its efforts on new trend markets which are less competitive.

Apple products aren’t usually the first of their kind, but most of the time, they’re the first to get it right. Like the iPod, for example, it wasn’t the first portable mp3 player, but it was the first to be intuitively designed and well-marketed. And same goes for iPhone and iPad.

Have you ever wondered why Apple has never offered a budget laptop? Unlike Dell and Gateway, they have been “racing to the bottom,” for so long, trying to provide the best value at the lowest price. The cheapest MacBook cost $999- which is almost three times as expensive as the low-priced HP Laptop. People might be wondering why Apple doesn’t produce budget-friendly products when it can help them double or maybe triple their profit a year. The answer is, they like their products to be considered luxury purchases.

There are plenty of reasons and stories about how Apple become well known and used in the entire population, but one thing for sure is Apple- the people behind it, do what they need to do. They market their product differently, a luxury.

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