TechnologyChristmas lights not absolutely operating? This gadget can assist...

Christmas lights not absolutely operating? This gadget can assist deal with them


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Quite a few decades back when my young children have been small, I was striving to cling Christmas lights on the tree and none of them would light up. If you’ve ever strung Christmas lights or plugged in a pre-lit tree, you’ve been there.

In any case, that Christmas in our residence turned identified as ‘the Xmas daddy stated a negative word.’

One bad bulb can preserve the full strand from lights up simply because each bulb sends electrical power to the future bulb on the strand. When there’s a dilemma with a bulb, generally a terrible shunt, you both have to substitute every single bulb with the just one you know functions right until you transpire throughout the negative bulb and they all appear on.

Somewhat than executing that, for several years you just had to toss the whole strand away and operate to the shop to obtain a lot more Xmas lights. A fairly new gadget referred to as the Light Keeper Pro was invented to repair the lights with no an individual stating a negative word soon after an hour or two.

The people at Gentle Keeper sent me a device to check.

Here’s how it performs: At the time you plug in the strand of lights and nothing lights up, you clear away one particular of the bulbs with a helpful tool designed into the gadget which is fundamentally a plastic gun. Then, get the empty socket and thrust it into a socket in the Light Keeper Pro gadget.

You are going to then pull the cause on the product 7-20 times. The Light Keeper Pro sends a burst or pulse of electric power that runs by way of the total strand, even previous the socket holding the poor bulb so they all flip on. Besides for the a person terrible bulb which you can now identify.

Remove that lousy bulb and substitute it with yet another and all the lights in the strand should light up.

That should really perform but if it does not the Light-weight Keeper Pro has an audible voltage tester. Working with a different cause or button on the gadget you hold it down the string until a single of the sockets does not beep. Then, you have determined the undesirable socket where voltage stops. Exchange that bulb and all should really be performing.

So, the Mild Keeper Pro will work and I have talked with several pals who use it each individual calendar year with success. There are instructions on the Gentle Keeper Professional web-site along with several movies to demonstrate how to use the products.

It worked, but I’ll be sincere, it…

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