NewsAsterix and the Griffin critique: Pun-enjoyment and fantastic imagery...

Asterix and the Griffin critique: Pun-enjoyment and fantastic imagery add up to traditional Asterix!


Asterix and the Griffin  (Asterix No. 39)
By Jean Yves-Ferri and Didier Conrad
Rs 499

Next a tough period in the nineties and the previously portion of the 20-initially century, the famous Asterix series has found a revival of its fortunes less than the new inventive staff of author Jean Yves-Ferri and illustrator Didier Conrad.

The duo has bought the Asterix bandwagon back on keep track of after a phase when Albert Uderzo tried out each creating and illustrating the operate (with combined results) subsequent the demise of first writer Rene Goscinny in 1977. Yves-Ferri and Conrad did a incredibly excellent work with Asterix and the Picts (2013), Asterix and the Lacking Scroll (2015), Asterix and the Chariot Race (2017, which in fact had a character referred to as Coronavirus!) and Asterix and the Chieftain’s Daughter (2019), and are now all set to acquire us all on a contemporary trip to Asterixland in their most current perform, Asterix and the Griffin, the 39th Asterix comic (or “album” as some desire to get in touch with them) which has just strike outlets all across the entire world.

Very well, basically, not definitely a journey to common Asterixland, which is the Gaulish village surrounded by fortified Roman camps. In this journey, the little Gaulish warrior recognized for his crafty is off with his mate, the mighty Obelix and the wise village druid, Getafix, to Sarmatia which lies in what the Romans connect with Barbaricum, or modern Ukraine and Russia. It is a massive land of ice and forests and also home to the sacred animal of the Sarmatians, the Griffin, a creature that is 50 percent-eagle and half-lion. Fascinated by tales of the animal, Caesar sends his troops underneath the advice of his geographer, Cartographus, to obtain and capture the mystical animal and convey it again to Rome in triumph. Of class, Asterix and his good friends get wind of this and head off to aid the Sarmatians.

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Yves-Ferri and Conrad weave their magic all around this tale and the consequence is a substantial top quality comic, right up with the very best the duo have shipped so significantly (Asterix and the Missing Scroll, in our opinion). A noteworthy aspect of the new creators’ strategy is the fact that they do not go for uncomplicated…

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